TEM - The Inevitable 8th

The Terran Expeditionary Marines (TEM) are the Solar Union's dedicated warfighters. As expensive but highly effective shock troops, TEMs are deployed to endangered colonies with the task of routing and destroying the enemy (whether they be Ijad, Free Colonies or other hostile entities).

Structure and TacticsEdit

Terran Expeditionary Marines are assigned to ships. Aboard these ships, TEM mobile frame companies transit to a troubled colonies and rapidly deploy to combat zones. Once engaged with the enemy, TEMs focus on capturing objectives, destroying materiel, disrupting supply lines and generally neutralizing the enemy's ability to wage war. Once their mission is complete, they will return to the local transit gate to re-equip, repair, and train while awaiting their next assignment. As dedicated assault troops, TEMs aren't responsible for post-conflict occupation or peacekeeping efforts; the Solar Union relies on the UMFL for these tasks. [1]




The ST-09 Rumble Monkey is the preferred mobile frame of most TEM companies.[2]


Main Source: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Rulebook